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    “I Love what Verlisa stands for as a strong mother & mompreneur who motivates others! She is always guiding me to make wise business decisions. She has helped boost my confidence in pursuing online business opportunities. She has so much passion & drive. I am inspired to build better business connections".

    Johnna Phillips

    Business Owner

    What you Learn:

    What Confidence is all about? Where it comes from and how it affects your life daily? You will discover tips and strategies on how to combat low self-sonfidence and raise your self-esteem.

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    Have you met people who seem to have everything? They are happy. They smile more,

    laugh more, and enjoy life more. They stand out from others because of the way they carry

    themselves. They hold their heads high. They walk and stand with purpose. They shake your

    hand with a firm grip and look you in the eye. They are always ready to jump into whatever

    situation life puts before them.

    Confidence can be learned. It comes from knowledge, experience, and a great deal of practice. Confidence comes from having faith in yourself and your abilities. It enables you to overcome and succeed when presented with new challenges, opportunities, or tasks. Each time you experience success, you gain confidence in other areas.